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The Renaissance of Santana Dharma

Vedic Sadhana Foundation (VSF) is a non-profit initiative to revive the Vedas.

Our mission - to reignite the eternal glory of Sanatana Dharma for future generations.

Our latest product, Astro Sadhana, offers you one of the most widely-practised Vedic traditions today - Jyotish Shastra or Vedic Astrology.

By bringing the Vedas into the digital age, it is our prayer that the life-changing wisdom of olden India is accessible to those who seek it, anytime, anywhere.

VSF products have been featured in

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The Stunning Power of Mantras

The Perfect Companion App - Sadhana

Astro Sadhana's remedies are powered by VSF's flagship product, the revolutionary Sadhana App.

With over 150 awakened mantras, Sadhana App houses numerous ancient Vedic rituals and temples.

Every remedy in Astro Sadhana is performed on Sadhana App, the world's foremost app in remarkable spiritual progress.

Together, these powerhouse apps are poised to bring the power of the Vedas to the masses.

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Mentor, Inspiration, Master

Om Swami,Founder of VSF

Om Swami, an unconventional Himalayan monk and celebrated author, has over 15,000 hours of meditation experience and 16 best-selling books on meditation, wellness and the science of mantras.

An unparalleled Mantra Sadhana expert, his unique perspective on life blends ancient wisdom with contemporary insights, touching the lives of millions worldwide.

Swami's transformation from millionaire entrepreneur to monk embodies the fusion of spirituality and modernity. His entrepreneurial vision has been pivotal in integrating traditional spiritual practices with cutting-edge technology.

The mission of Vedic Sadhana Foundation is powered by Om Swami's commitment to make easily available ancient Vedic teachings and practices.